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El Dorado Holds the ISO 9001 certification in 2016.
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El Dorado Spanish School

We are a distinguished organization with extensive experience in teaching foreign languages, especially helping people learn Spanish in Medellin. At El Dorado, we break down language barriers and help you cultivate the confidence to converse in a foreign language. Our bilingual teaching staff are professionally trained and personalize lessons to best cater to your needs. We know that making mistakes is part of the learning process. Thus we are dedicated to creating a comfortable, friendly environment for you to learn within.

About Us

Who we are

El Dorado Cultural Center was founded by a Colombian-Polish couple in Poland in 2009, then in Medellin in 2014. Teaching Spanish and English in different countries for many years has given us the inspiration to share our own experiences and techniques with others. The inspiration for the school’s name came from the real story of El Dorado. El Dorado was believed to be a destination that the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors and explorers searched for tirelessly when they arrived in the New World. This was a mythical place, where everything was made of gold. Even the people had gold painted on their bodies! However, they never found that city. Some native civilizations even used the story to redirect the conquistadores, persuading them to leave their territory and keep searching. “We have no gold! El Dorado is that way,” they would say. The truth is that El Dorado was not a literal city. There was no golden city, although it never stopped the conquistadores from searching. Rather, El Dorado symbolized the journey and the gold was the knowledge gained while traveling.
About Us

What we do

At our center, you will find Spanish courses from Beginner to Advanced levels, divided into GENERAL and PROFESSIONAL programs. Whether you want to learn Spanish in Medellin or online as you travel Colombia, we have lessons tailored to reach your objectives. Individual and small group classes (maximum of 5 students) provide a very personalized learning experience and guarantee results as quickly as possible. We have a variety of course durations, which are perfect for tourists visiting Colombia for a short holiday. And for those of you who plan to stay for longer (than you expected! 🙂), while you are here we can assist you with your student visa application. At El Dorado, the Colombian culture plays an integral part in your Spanish language learning experience. Learning about our culture will be an added value to your language skills (Especially if you wish to travel and learn Spanish online with us). We offer weekly activities and events to ensure a well-rounded experience in Colombian culture. Lastly, we have a coffee plantation in our family so we know one of the key ingredients of our culture. Of course, we would be delighted to experience all of this and more with you.

In addition to our courses, we also organize language exchange programs where you can practice your newly learned skills. At our center, there is something for everyone. We offer individual and group Spanish classes, as well as mixed programs, cultural events, and activities. Sign up with us today and we’ll take care of the rest, whether you want to learn Spanish in Medellin or online in our beautiful country!

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